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Bushcraft is about becoming intelligent within the natural worlds upon which we live and feed. It is about learning how to live in harmony with Nature, rather than treating it as something to be tamed and exploited. It is about coming to respect all forms of life on this planet of ours and realising our interdependence with other species. Finally it is about understanding who we really are.

At Ranger we have always stayed true to our belief that the great outdoors should be accessible to all. Whatever your budget we endeavour to provide you with affordable clothing and equipment that will enable you to get out there comfortably and safely.

Bushcraft Knives Surrey

The most important survival and bushcraft tool is a knife and it is important to choose wisely. That is why we have always stocked a large and comprehensive range of selected knives which we know will be up to the job. Get them into your hand and find the one that is right for you, the one that will be your trusted companion. Our experts will help you to find the style of knife that is suitable for your purpose, be it for hunting, shelter building, tool making or for more varied functions.

Brands in stock always include:
Victorinox, Lansky, Mora, Opinel, Rui, Cold Steel, Ka Bar, Casstrom, Taylor, Normark and Gerber.

Bushcraft Supplies

Other items always held in stock include:

A range of quality Scandinavian axes
Saws, machetes and tomahawks
Stoves and ghillie or kelly kettles
Quality pots and pans. Dutch ovens
A good range of fire steels starting at only £3.99
Compasses by Silva and Suunto
Different cordage and bungees
Tool making knives
Bashas, tarps and shelter
Water bottles and containers

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