British Army Clothing, Equipment and Cadet Kit

In our Surbiton Army Surplus store you will find tons of good kit at great prices whether you are a regular, in the TA or a cadet. And you will qualify for our services personnel discount.

If you run a cadet unit not too far away and would like us to set up shop in your unit for an evening, please feel free to contact Andy on 020 8399 8912. If it would be worthwhile for your cadets, we will try our best to visit.

If you are unable to visit Ranger but need kit quickly then phone us. We will take your order over the phone and post it straight out to you. If you live within a 5 mile radius we can even deliver to your door.

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Combat Uniform

We stock the current issue MTP combat kit, PCS smocks, shirts and combat pants both in top grade 1 condition and new unissued.

Other items of clothing we stock as standard include:

Sleeka Jackets and Snugpak Pile Shirts
Issue and Olive or Tan T shirts
Norgees and issue fleeces. UBACS shirts.
Commando Socks and Thorlos military socks
Bush hats, boonie hats and beanie hats
Sealskinz gloves and socks
Issue berets and cap badges


Get properly fitted at our store where we can measure your feet and make sure you have the right size. We supply only full grain leather upper brown cadet boots which will polish up properly, and they come in at less than £50 with military discount.

We always hold a selection of ex issue brown boots in stock, as well as boots by Grafter, Magnum and Lowa.

Bergens and Webbing

In store discover a good range of genuine issue webbing both in MTP and DPM. We also hold a good range of webbing pouches by Kombat, Webtex and Pro Force, including plenty of molle style pouches.

We stock a good range of bergens, patrol sacks, molle packs and hydration packs from respected makers such as Camelbak.


Find all kinds of essential and just plain useful kit in store including:

Paracord and bungees, gaffa and genuine sniper tape Field knives by great brands like Gerber and Cold Steel Multitools from Leatherman
Bashas and GoreTex bivi bags, genuine issue and from trusted brands like Snugpak. Basha poles and tent pegs.
Stoves by Jetboil, Colemans and Proforce. Hexi Stoves and fuel. Liquid and gel fuel.
A good range of first aid kits starting at only £4.99.
Wash rolls and microfibre towels
Zinc oxide tape, field dressings and tourniquets
Boot care kits, laces, polish, brushes and selvyt cloth
Silva NATO and other military compasses
Over 30 models of flashlights and torches
Rations and foil packed food

And much, much more!

This is the kind of kit list you should consider having if you are a new cadet:

MTP or DPM Windproof Smock
MTP PCS, S95 DPM Combat Trousers
MTP PCS or S95 DPM Shirt
T Shirt Olive or Sand
Commando Socks
Trouser Twists

Other items you may find essential or merely very useful include:

Patrols sacks, from £24.99, in olive, dpm or mtp
Bergens and holdalls. Bergens start at £54.99
Sleeping Bags, from £29.99 (our excellent Snugpak sleeping bag is highly recommended, and a best seller for cadet camps, rated at -7 centigrade)
Waterproof Jackets (dpm start at only £14.99 for the jacket)
Magnum or similar boots especially for fast tabbing and Nijmegen.
Thermal underwear, starting at under £10 a piece.
Boot care kits, polish and brushes.
Norwegian Army shirts, army fleeces
Shell jackets
Right angle flashlights and head torches
Water bottles and insulated mugs
Stoves; hexamine, gas or liquid fuel
First Aid Kits
Bashas and ponchos, basha poles, tent pegs.
Bivi Bags
Wash kits, wash rolls and liquid soap
Camouflage cream (we sell the genuine issue cream amongst others)
Compasses and map cases, Nyrex folders and notebook holders
Waterproof bags, liners and snap seal bags
Bergen covers
Swiss Army Knives

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