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In our Surbiton store you can find loads of useful kit whether you are a regular, or are in the T.A.

Military Shop SurreyMILITARY UNIFORM

We have all the Soldier 95 combat uniform in stock, from combat trousers to windproof smocks, both Grade 1 and new.  The new MTP uniform has not been officially released for sale but stock is coming through increasingly so phone for availability.

Other items of clothing we stock as standard include:

  • Sleeka jackets and Pile Shirts
  • Issue and og cotton t shirts
  • Norwegian Army shirts
  • Commando Socks and Thorlos Military socks
  • Sorbothane insoles and trouser twists


We stock ex issue and new Assault Boots. Also most of the Magnum range. Also superb boots by Lowa including the Gore Tex Combat and Task Force (Mountain) boots.


In store find a good range of original webbing in DPM and MTP. We also stock webbing from Kombat, WebTex and ProForce. There are plenty of Molle style webbing pouches suitable for modern vests.

We have original bergens in DPM, as well as NI Patrol packs and Engineers Bergens. You will find packs from Proforce, Kombat and BCB in modern MTP with prices starting as low as £34.95.


Military MTP Uniforms SurreyDiscover all kinds of essential kit in store. Including:

  • Paracord and Bungees, Gaffa and Sniper Tape
  • Field knives by great brands like Gerber including the LMFII infantry knife
  • Multiltools by Leatherman and Gerber
  • Bashas and GoreTex Bivi Bags, genuine issue and by brands like Snugpak. Basha poles and tent pegs.
  • Stoves by Jetboil, MSR, Coleman and ProForce
  • First Aid Kits, Micro fibre towels from under £10.
  • Zinc Oxide Tape and Field Dressings.
  • Wash rolls and bags, boot care kits and Selvyt cloth

And much, much more!

Phone us on 0208 399 9995 or e mail us on

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Military Supplies