ASG Schofield Revolver 6 Inch


Beautifully engineered by ASG of Denmark this revolver totally captures the spirit of the Wild West. With an aging black finish, the Schofield has a full metal body with a wood texture pistol grip. The 6 cartridges each take a .177 pellet and load exactly like the original. A CO2 cartridge provides the power from which you can expect around 35 shots.

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ASG Schofield Revolver 6 Inch

Length: 320 mm
Weight: 1035 gms
Velocity: around 131 ms

Please note, you have to be over 18 years old to purchase an air gun. Due to the current Gun Laws in the UK we are unable to post air weapons direct to your door.
All air pistols and rifles have to be purchased in person from our store and photographic ID will be required. This is usually in the form of a passport or a modern driving licence.
For further information on current UK gun legislation please follow the link on our Shooting page which will take you directly to the government’s information page.