Gamo Hornet


This is GAMO's entry level model. Maybe it doesn't have many selling points, but it is a best seller and firm favourite for the simple reason that it is a competent gun and great value for money. A tidy stock, full-power performance, fibre optic open sights; you can go a long way with these. But the Hornet is also a well balance attractive rifle anyone would be happy to own, capable of vermin control, hunting and target shooting duties. Sacrifice a cappucino a week for a year and savour true GAMO quality!

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Gamo Hornet Specification

Length: 1168mm approx.
Weight: 2.8kgs approx.

Please note, you have to be over 18 years old to purchase an air gun. Due to the current Gun Laws in the UK we are unable to post air weapons direct to your door.
All air pistols and rifles have to be purchased in person from our store and photographic ID will be required. This is usually in the form of a passport or a modern driving licence.
For further information on current UK gun legislation please follow the link on our Shooting page which will take you directly to the government’s information page.